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Bee The Difference: An Art Auction

Initiated and led by Charli McLemore, a junior at Ridgefield High School, Queen B Coffee Company will host a silent auction of original pollinator-related artwork donated by several local artists. The artwork and silent auction bid sheets will be on display at Queen B from July 2nd through July 30th with announcements of the winners on Monday, July 31st. All winning bids for the artwork will be donated directly to Pollinator Pathway, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit with the mission to inspire, educate and support diverse communities working together to restore and connect habitat for native pollinators.

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Meet the Artists

Moki Kokoris

Statement: An architect by degree, founder of 90-north (a series of Arctic-focused enrichment programs) by calling, writer / editor by vocation, UN representative for the World Federation of Ukrainian Women's Organizations by passion, book addict by desire, and confirmed chocoholic by pursuit. Moki Kokoris has been creating art since a very young age. She is a master calligrapher, graphic designer, and has been an instructor of a variety of art courses at over a dozen venues in the area, including Founders Hall and Ridgefield Library.

Description of Piece: Combining traditional calligraphy with illustration, this donated work of art melds nature - in the form of a bee, with prose - in the quotation, and knowledge - represented by the stack of old books... a perfect union of themes.

Artist Values Piece at: $250

Moki Kokoris

Donnelly Rodgers

Statement:  I am a teen artist who has always been drawn to art, as well as nature. I have been drawing since I was a baby, and am grateful to find a crossover between two of my passions

Description of Piece: A portrait of a bumblebee on a flower. Colored pencils, Toned paper.

Artist Values Piece at: $90

Donnelly Rodgers

Patricia Ann Lowe

Statement: Patricia Lowe’s creative outlet is painting and writing. She is the author of a soon-to-be-published “The Confused Little Pumpkin” through Green Boots Publishing. Patricia is an ardent contributor to the well-being (BEE-ING) of nature's treasures.

Description of Piece: The painting is a whimsical creation of watercolor and colored pencils. “Sharing Nectar” brings more beauty to the world.

Artist Values Piece at: $30

Patricia Lowe
Tammy Roth

Tammy Roth

Statement:  I'm Tammy Roth and I'm a self-taught artist who grew up in the Midwest. With a talent and my natural surroundings, it gave me the inspiration to sketch people, landscapes and animals. In high-school, I created a greeting card business which has lead me to become an illustrator of children's books. I currently live in Ridgefield, CT with my husband Bob and we have two daughters, Madeline and Sydney.

Description of Piece: I created the picture using a multi-medium of acrylics and colored pencils. The acrylics were watered down to be used like watercolors, and the colored pencils were used to highlight some of the detailed areas. The inspiration for this piece of work was to show that there are many different types of animals and insects who are considered pollinators. 

Artist Values Piece at: $100

Marcia Simha

Statement: Studied at The Art Students League of New York. Bachelor of fine arts from Cooper Union. And like some of us, I make art because I just have to.

Description: Framed - Yellow

Artist Values Piece at: $50

Marcia Simha

Doug Macklem

Statement: Although I have no formal art education -- I have drawn all my life. Curious about color -- I have taken up oil painting in the last six years.

Description of Piece:  Three Bs for C. This painting has been created to support the fundraiser for pollinator bees. It is an 8x10 oil painting done on gessoed Masonite panel.

Artist Values Piece at: $50

Doug Macklem

Paul Siegel

Statement: Paul Siegel is a digital illustrator with a Masters Degree in Design.

Description of Piece: Beezzze was created in Adobe Illustrator and printed on fine arts paper.

Artist Values Piece at: $25

Paul Siegel


1) If a piece is pictured with a frame, if purchased, it comes with the art

2) "Artist Values Piece at" does not have to be the starting bid


1) Once a bid is made, it is binding

2) If the highest bidder does not pick up their piece in 7 days with no communication for special circumstances, the piece will go to the second highest bidder

3) Pieces are sold as-is

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